The idea of the research project “Historia Nationem Gignit” dedicated to nationalism studies emerged in the Faculty of History of Saint-Petersburg University in 2012. A predominantly vague perception  of what nationalism is in the society set us thinking about a project. However, it is impossible to study history or any social science without understanding  of the core of this phenomenon as well as it is impossible to have a balanced attitude towards reality.  To put the aims of the project in a nutshell, we call for thorough and careful analysis of this phenomenon. Nationalism, nations and ethnicities are the objects of our research.  Despite the apparent immensity of studies issues, we would like to trace the genesis of aforementioned phenomena from the Middle Ages till recent days.  The peculiarity of our research project lies in thethe absence of  the chronological boundaries. However, by applying methodological approaches of history to our research subjects, we confine  the study material.Discussing nations and ethnicity in different periods of time, studying theory and certain national projects, comparing modern nationalism with the past nationalism, revisingscholarly conceptions, we  aim to achieve not only scholarly objectivity ( if it is real in the age of postmodernism) but also practical applicability.

  Historia Nationem Gignit project is going to create a space for the interdisciplinary dialogue between not only specialists and non-specialists ,students and lecturers but also representatives of humanities and social sciences. We hope to  put this  idea conception into practice in two ways: in the journal of the project Historia Nationem Gignit, which is  available to everybody regardless of their academic position,  and in the panel discussions, which are devoted to some specific issues and  can provide an ample opportunity for constructive interdisciplinary dialogue.


Supervisor of the project

S. Fyodorov, PhD, professor of the Middle Ages Department, Saint – Petersburg University.


Organisational committee of Historia nationem Gignit; editorial board of the journal

F. Levin, undergraduate student, Saint – Petersburg University.

S. Orlovsky, undergraduate student, Saint – Petersburg University.

 Z. Lourie, postgraduate student, Saint – Petersburg University.


Design of the research project

K.Perepechkin, undergraduate student, Saint – Petersburg University.


Information support:

V. Bovar, MA student, EU SPb