The interdisciplinary conference “Nations and ethnicity in Humanities and Social sciences. Multiculturalism and multilingualism in ethnic and national dimension”


We are pleased to inform you that the interdisciplinary conference: “Nations and ethnicity in Humanities and Social sciences. Multiculturalism and multilinguism in ethnic and national dimension within the research project “Historia nationem gignit” will be held in  Saint-Petersburg State University in February, 26 - 27, 2019.

            Specialists in history, sociology, political science, social and cultural anthropology, ethnology, philology, linguistics, imagology and art criticism are invited to take part in this conference. The postgraduate, masters and undergraduate students are welcome.

            This is the sixth conference in the series of conferences “Nations and ethnicity in Humanities and Social sciences” which have been held in Saint-Petersburg State University.

            Multiculturalism and multilingualism are the key dimensions of contemporary global world. Humanities and social sciences stress serious contradictions between representation of the “ethnic” and the “national” in official discourses, generated within and aimed at power structures, and reflection on these phenomena within groups and certain individuals. Therefore, the approach to multiculturalism and multilingualism in terms of governmental strategies and in terms of reflections of society is considered to be most constructive. The dialogue between specialists from the different fields of humanities and social sciences (mostly philologists and linguists, historian and sociologists), who examine the phenomena of multiculturalism and multilingualism within the framework of their fields, will not only provide a higher level of scholarly debate, but will also fill some lacunas in the research of the topical issues.

            The committee would like prospective participants to concentrate on the issues of multiculturalism and multilingualism not only in its stadial, restricted by certain period, perspective, but also in a wider context, in methodological sense.  Consequently, the committee of the conference suggests that the following questions should be discussed

1.    Historization of multiculturalism and multilingualism (from the Classical antiquity to the Modern time)

2.     Multiculturalism and multilingualism in various dimensions of imperial landscape

3.     Centre and periphery in the multicultural/multilingual discourses

4.     Multicultural practices of the governance of diversity

5.     Multiculturalism and language hierarchies

6. Language and non-verbal modes of communication in colonial and neocolonial discourses and landscapes

7. Empire and colony: multicultural aspects and perspectives of integration/disintegration

8.     Resistance to multilingualism and construction of the “national

9.     Essentialist and epochalist discourses

10.  Colonial elites and the invention of nationalism

11.  Settler colonial communities: creole identities

12.  Colonial and postcolonial literatures


The working languages of the conference are English and Russian.

Submit your application at

Application deadline: 31.12.2018

The application should include the topic of the paper, its summary (300 words) and the key words as well as the details about the applicant (academic status, occupation or place of education) and contact details.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that committee of the conference allows only in-person participation.